Dorico dint play audio tracks yet?

I was really looking forward to finally having the possibility to add at least 1 audio track to be able to play an audio LR in parallel and work on the arrangements.
Currently to be able to play the bases I need to create a video which is an extra function and really makes me waste a lot of time.
I wish that this very basic function could be covered by steinberg to improve my way of working

You can import video but cannot import audio?
Is this even possible?
I can’t believe they didn’t do it at least in Dorico 4

Correct, Dorico cannot as yet import audio tracks, but this is something we plan to add in a future version.


Thats will be the best feature upgrade from all for me.

Please do it soon!
For now when I want to compare or synchronize an audio piece of music with my Dorico workflow for creative purposes, I have to make a video of the audio!
Big time consuming!