Dorico does not include crop marks and border when exporting to PDF (Mac)

Let me just say this is now one of the things that I am frustrated with Dorico on Mac about. It doesn’t have a print to PDF function like Windows, I’ll need to use a graphics file, which works on letter-sized projects. However, if I am using an Octavo, on Octavo-sized paper, I need it to center to a letter-sized paper, and show crop marks/a border around the original page size. That enables buyers to cut the sheets of paper, punch holes, and then put them in binders.
The problem is, exporting a graphics file, does not let me center the octavo-size, and then include crop marks and border. I’ve tried the “Print” setting, which enables me to print to pdf, and it STILL does not show crop marks and border. Dorico for Mac feels really buggy at this point, whereas Dorico for Windows worked well if you had a powerful enough laptop with it, which I did.
Does anyone know a workaround for this?

There is software that can create a Print queue (what macOS calls a ‘printer’) that saves PDFs to the disk. You can then select this as a printer, set the paper size to something larger than your page size and you can then print the PDF.

The best known is called CUPS-PDF, though I’m not sure if it’s still being developed, or supported on the Mac.

I have made my own print queue software, which you can find here:

The installer package should install everything. The save location is /Users/Shared/Print

You’re right that Dorico doesn’t expand the page size for Graphics export when Crop marks is selected. It’s a known limitation.

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I tried installing it, but I can’t seem to find Users/Shared/Print on my Macbook.
Regarding the known limitation, has there been plans to fix it?

Either start at “Macintosh HD” and work down; or use Go To Folder in the Go menu, and type /Users/Shared/Print. You can even press TAB to auto-complete each word, so /U TAB Sh TAB Pr TAB.