Dorico does not play back, and freezes after a while

I updated to version having experienced these crashes, but alas it still has not fixed the problem. When I press the play button it does not always play the score and after a while Dorico freezes; it is strange as it worked fine this morning but this afternoon the problem returned. Halion SE works if I play the keyboard within the plugin, but it seems the link between the program and Halion SE has a bug. What should I do please?

Sorry I forgot to mention that I have recently updated to Cubase Pro 9.5.20, which is on the same computer as Dorico, and since this time Dorico has been erratic. Is this related to my problem, as of course Cubase has its own version of Halion Sonic SE? Just a thought.

Could you please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report, which will create a zip file on your desktop, and then attach it here so we can take a look?

Installing Cubase 9.5 will have updated HSSE on your computer to HSSE3 rather than HSSE2, but Dorico should run fine with HSSE3, so that in itself isn’t (normally) a problem.