Dorico does not recognise "alt + ctrl + a key" suddenly

Dear developers and users,

Suddenly, Dorico does not recognise “alt + ctrl + a key”. Until yesterday, it worked.
How could I resolve it?
According to KeyCastr, pressing “alt + ctrl + a key” is recognised.
I am using “alt+ctrl+1”, “alt+ctrl+2” and so on to change rhythmic grid.

I am attaching the latest diagnostic report.

Thanks in advance!

Alt-ctrl-1 and alt-ctrl-2 should change between page view and galley view (Win). On Mac it’s cmd. But that might not be your issue, according to your signature. FWIW I’ve assigned 1 and 2 to increase/decrease grid resolution because I use it all the time!

The strangeness occurs only when I connect the machine to an external monitor via USB-C.
When connecting the same monitor via USB-C to HDMI adapter, it works correctly.

Dorico does not recognise also the key combination of ctrl + alt when using Logitech Bluetooth keyboard.

The summary:
Dorico does not recognise the key combination of ctrl + alt

  • when using a USB-C external monitor and
  • when using a Bluetooth Keyboard.

It sounds to me as if the keyboard is not sending the key codes Dorico is expecting based on the existing shortcut you’ve set up. Perhaps you should try setting up additional shortcuts using your Logitech keyboard that work for whatever it’s sending, which is evidently different to what your Mac’s built-in keyboard is sending.

Thank you for your kind answer and I am sorry for my bad summary:

  • Logitech bluetooth keyboard could send different data from Apple built-in keyboard to macOS.

  • However, Dorico does not recognise ctrl + alt even when using built-in keyboard of MacBook Pro with a USB-C monitor. I believe that this could be fixed.