Dorico does not recognise tremolos in musicXml files


In Dorico 2.1, I have imported some musicXml files produced in Finale 2014.5.
I found some incorrectness and attaching all related files.

As you see in the files, Dorico and Finale do not detect cue notes and some single note tremolos. It could be the limitation of musicXml.
In Dorico, however, some two-note tremolos as tuplets. Could it be improved?

The screenshot from Finale (the original file)

The screenshot from Finale (imported the musicXml file)

The screenshot from Dorico (imported the musicXml file)

Could it be improved? Yes. Is it likely? Probably not in the near future.

Finale doesn’t really support tremolo notation, as I understand it, and so multi-note tremolos are indeed notated in Finale using tuplets. As such, the MusicXML file exported from Finale also uses tuplets to notate those tremolos. It’s not impossible for us to add special heuristics to try to detect these kinds of workarounds resulting from Finale’s comparatively less semantic data model, but it’s not something we’re in a hurry to do.

thank you for the clear explanation.
Lots of users who moved from Finale would have the similar problems.
Please consider implementing it for us. It will be much appreciated!

On the screenshot above some of the tremolos seem to be imported as tremolos in Dorico. However, if I try to import the same file in Dorico 3.5 I get this:

No tremolos! Why? Is this behavior dependent on some setting in Dorico? Single-note tremolos are imported…

I also tried this example:
but the tremolos are not imported.

Ok, it’s the Beam Groups setting in the MusicXML import preferences.

That’s weird! My impression is that the MusicXML import settings control what it should look like rather than what should be included. I want Dorico to decide how beams are used but I still want to be able to import double note tremolos. Shouldn’t it be possible @dspreadbury ?

Whether beams should be used for double note tremolos (line joins stems) or not is an engraving setting in Dorico and whether these settings should be used or whether it should be formatted as specified by the MusicXML file should be controlled by the MusicXML import Beam Groups setting. But not whether multi note tremolos should be imported or not. Single note tremolos are imported regardless of the setting…

Hi @dspreadbury,
I just tried a possible workaround.

  1. I activated the Beam Groups setting in the MusicXML import preferences and imported the MusicXML file. The double note tremolos was imported.
  2. I choose Select All and then Reset Beaming to get Doricos beaming rules.

I think this really should work. BUT, when I do the reset the imported double note tremolos disappear from the score. This is true even if I create the double note tremolos in Dorico (not just the imported ones).

It seems like Dorico represents double note tremolos as beams even though they are not. That sort of explain why single note tremolos are imported (as they are not treated as beams) and why the Beam groups setting affect the double note tremolos import but really shouldn’t.