Dorico does not recognize my midi keyboard

Hi. Dorico doesn’t recognize my keyboard any more (although it used to). So there was this green light in the right corner but it doesn’t appear any more. Can you help me, because without my keyboard, I’m really slow at doing my arrangements …
Dorico (873.8 KB)

Well, looking at the logs, indeed, Dorico does not recognize your midi keyboard. What make is it and how is it connected? Dorico only recognizes the midi port of your UR22C as midi input device.
Please check also your cables, as it could be an electrical problem.

I simply use my Yamaha PSR-S700 and connect it via midi cable to my steinberg UR22C Audio interface. My first guess for finding the problem was that the cable may be broken, so I already changed the cable.

Well, in that case Dorico won’t recognize your keyboard directly, but instead only the MIDI-In port of your UR22C. But I assume that Dorico shows exactly that one in the list of available MIDI-In ports, right?
Is it possible that you’ve changed some setting on your PSR so that it does not send out MIDI data anymore?
Second, did you put the UR22C in Dorico on the list of ignored MIDI-devices?

Ehi Ulf, have a happy holyday (and don’t work too much) :smiley: