Dorico does not respond after sleep mode

Recently Dorico 3.5. does not respond anymore (Beachball) after my iMac (Big Sur) wakes up from Sleep Mode. The only solution is a force quit. Any hints? Thanks in advance.

As usual : next time you open Dorico, make it build diagnostic files and attach them here or send them to u dot stoermer ar steinberg dot de (Ulf is the specialist for those files IIRC)

Dorico (512.4 KB)


Thanks for sending your diagnostics, @ulf_b, but when Dorico is hanging we also need a sample of what the process is doing. My guess is that we’ll find you have some kind of hang or deadlock related either to the MIDI devices on your system or to a VST instrument that is crashing Dorico’s audio engine, but let’s find out.

Next time you open your Mac and Dorico is hanging, run Activity Monitor and select the Dorico process in the list, then from the cog menu at the top of the window choose Sample Process and save the resulting text file, then zip it up and attach it here.