Dorico does not run after Windows update / Msi installer blocks Dorico

I’ve just been helping some Dorico customer on this, so I hope that users find this post when running into that very same problem:

After a major Windows update it might happen, that on launch of Dorico suddenly an Msi installer kicks in.
Because that Msi installer never finishes, also Dorico blocks indefinitely.

If you own a Steinberg audio interface from the UR-series or otherwise have the ‘Yamaha Steinberg USB driver’ (aka YSUSB) installed on your system,
then the cause of the blocking is a fault in that driver’s installer.

What is happening?
With the Windows update some data disappear from the Windows registry.
When the YSUSB driver gets invoked by Dorico’s audio engine, then it detects the missing registry entries
and therefore the driver invokes it’s own installer to repair the installation.
Because of a fault in the installer it hangs indefinitely and by that also blocks Dorico from further running.

A solution to get out of this situation is quite easy, please have a look here:

We already have a fix for the driver’s installer and it will come with the YSUSB 2.0 update (soon).