Dorico doesn’t respect armature (false alarm)

Edit: false alarm. It is all working great.

Hello. Please excuse me if this was already asked. I searched in the forum but don’t find similar posts. I am just today starting to write something with Dorico for iPad. My song is in G major, so it is the armature. But each time I write an F Dorico puts the natural and I must delete it for every F. How can I do that Dorico respects the armature and let me write an F without natural as default?

By ‘armature’, do you mean “key signature”?

Dorico should write an F# by default in G major. So something else must be happening.

Are you sure that you don’t have the natural accidental highlighted before you enter the note?

How are you entering the note, exactly? With a computer keyboard connected to the iPad? Or a MIDI keyboard?

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Yes, I mean key signature.

But please forget what I said. I made a very stupid mistake and found the issue. It is so stupid that I don’t want to tell it, haha.

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Nothing to be ashamed of. We all make mistakes. Sometimes I learn from my mistakes, sometimes I repeat them. Regardless, in this forum you are always welcome.