Dorico doesn't account for Lyrics in Galley view

See attached screen shot. Apparently this issue has been mentioned before as “Lyric Collisions” but if you have just 4 verses of lyrics this can turn into a Big Mess…

Not the ideal solution, but you can expand the default gap for galley view in Layout Options—Vertical Spacing.

Dorico doesn’t do any Vertical Collision avoidance in Galley View, because it would have to calculate all the collisions for one massive “system” – the whole piece!

TBH, I rarely use Galley View. You should be able to use Page View comfortably from start to finish.

This is one glaring oversight, tbh. It is expected, yes, but it does make data entry difficult.

The problem with expanding default spacing as Dan suggests is that then your whole score balloons in scale and many staves end up off screen because of the (now tremendous) vertical real estate needed. It would be nice if Dorico could selectively add more space (say, double the default spacing value, as a static calculation?) below staves that include lyrics. This would at least allow a little breathing room for the special use case of those staves.

Is that necessarily so? For this issue Dorico would have to account for the number of lyric verses – that’s all. I get the performance benefit of demoting collision avoidance in Write mode. But to the point where Galley View is unusable? Sure I could increase the Default Gap in Layout, but then Page View is a mess, :slight_smile:

No, there is a separate option for Galley View.

Are you saying that you have performance issues in Write view?

No, I don’t! And I want to keep it that way!

Ha, I never noticed that feature. Does the trick! (This is 300%)

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I do not encounter this problem, since I tend to enter music in Page view. But if I found myself in a situation where this seemed the best workflow, I would probably just enter the first stanza in Galley view to help me keep my place in the music, and then add the rest of the stanzas in Page view.

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This is often my method. But there are times when it is genuinely useful in galley view, too.

Take for instance my recent Christmas arrangements of hymns for Mass: I needed to indicate the first few lyrics of each verse so the brass players could keep track of where we were in the arrangement. (Taceting for certain verses and playing on others.) The brass are hidden from the choral layout, of course, but when arranging (in galley view) it was difficult to see what I was doing.