Dorico doesn't answer

Hi folks,
I can’t understand why Dorico doesn’t respond to simple actions.Sometimes the software works normally (even with heavy tasks such as transferring music from one staff to another) and sometimes it stops to the point that I have to force it to quit.
Is this due to my configuration?
iMac retina 5k 27 inch 2019 3.7 ghz i5 6 hearts 64 GB RAM

Is it showing the spinball then?
Could you please choose from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here? Thanks

Hi Ulf
Yes, the wheel is turning (a whole night anyway!) I just restarted the software and here is the report.
Thanks to you
Dorico (2.1 MB)

I would also like to point out that the application crashes when I want to transfer a game to another one. In this case I want to transfer a Marimba part to a Percussion part where several instruments are already present.

Just to reconfirm, when you say the program is crashing, does it terminate itself or just hanging indefinitely? For technicians this is a big difference. Especially because I don’t see any crash files in the diagnostics report.

In fact it happens to me both. I ran an operation last night and the wheel kept turning. I went to bed and this morning the wheel was still spinning so I forced the application to quit.
And then, when I had just restarted the application, I tried to transfer the marimaba to a percussion part where several instruments were already present and the application quit.

Thanks very much for reconfirmation and giving the extra information.
Reading your initial post I first thought it might be a problem with the audio engine crashing and therefore Dorico becoming unresponsive but from the logs I can’t see anything unusual in that regard. So I’m paging @dspreadbury to take a look through his glasses.

Thank you Ulf.
I thought of this about the audio, and disabled it. I must say that I now work much more smoothly and seamlessly.
I must also say that the score I’m working on is very large (22 min symphonic piece with divisi and quite a bit of percussion) which makes the file much heavier I guess.
We only talk about the problems here but I would like to congratulate the whole team for your work, there are a lot of points that can be improved but otherwise Dorio is a real success

Thanks for providing the diagnostics. We can see that Dorico is hanging because you are moving an instrument to another player in Setup mode, and then while that edit is being performed, Dorico is trying to update some other information in the window, and it’s ending up causing a deadlock. The team are talking about this case now.

happy if it helps. :ok_hand: