Dorico doesn't reproduce any sound

Hello, I’ve bought and been working without any problem on Dorico from a couple month, today something went wrong.
Yesterday I opened the Steinberg Library Manager and accidentally moved Halion Sonic factory content to a different folder. I dont remember exactly what happened and what I did after that, but Dorico stopped reproducing any sound, though the Halion window, the one that compares when u press “e” button was showing normally.
What I did then was delete and reinstall Dorico running the application and the sounds installer, after this the program started working normally again.
The problem I found today was when I opened Dorico it wasn’t reproducing any sound at all, the mixer window shows no signal in any track and the Halion window doesn’t compare when I hit the “e” button, also I tried changing the vst to Kontakt and play it with a different strings vst and the instrument window inside Kontakt’s window appear bugged, showing every layer at the same time.
I already tried deleting and reinstalling everything I could, the problem remains the same.
I hope you can help me, thank you.

Hi @alvarowegener , please start Dorico and start a new project from piano template and enter a handful of arbitraty notes. Then choose from the Dorico menu ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’. The resulting zip file please attach to a reply here. From the data I get a first overview and can come up with further advice.

Dorico (251.7 KB)

Thanks, I’ve also attached the screenshot of a new error that came up an hour ago, it says “An essential component used by Dorico for the playback isn’t found, please open the download assistant and install Dorico Elements 3.5 Sounds Installer”, I’ve done this many times, turn off and on the computer many times, and nothing.

You don’t have HALion Sonic SE (anymore). Please run the Dorico installer again

Thanks. Seems like that, but I did run the dorico installer again many times.

See, HALion Sonic SE (the plug-in that plays the sounds) gets installed together with the Dorico installer. And the sounds get installed by a separate installer.