Dorico doesn't see input from MIDI keyboard

Until today, using an M-audio KeyStation has worked fine for note input.
Today, although the keyboard was recognised and check marked in Preferences>Play, I couldn’t use it to input notes and there was no MIDI activity on the indicator. Restarting Dorico, and a system reboot didn’t change the situation.

Then, with Dorico already running, I connected another keyboard via a UA Volt 1 interface and was immediately able to enter notes from it. Miraculously input from the KeyStation also started working.

So everything is fine now. I’m just wondering if there’s an easier way to solve the problem if it should happen again.

Dorico (3.3 MB)

And since making the diagnostics file I’ve disconnected the Volt 1 and input from the KeyStation is still working.

I don’t know if this will help in your situation, but it works on my setup.

When my reasonably old USB-connected MIDI keyboard occasionally stops being recognised during a Dorico session, I have found that unplugging the USB cable from the MIDI keyboard and then plugging it back in after waiting a few seconds usually fixes the problem.

Initially I had tried just turning the keyboard off while it was still connected. This just about always had no effect. My uneducated guess is that it was still somehow seen by the computer as being connected, even though it was not turned on, whereas unplugging and then re-attaching it forced the computer to treat it is a new connection. Needless to say, if this needs doing while I have Dorico open, I save any open projects before disconnecting just in case the unplugging causes Dorico to crash or freeze.

I have no other explanation than that it might be an electrical issue, e.g. loose connection which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.

Many thanks for the suggestion. I should have included in the original post that I did try unplugging and reconnecting the keyboard.

Thanks, Ulf. I’ll try to get some method of monitoring the MIDI input installed so there’s more to go on if it happens again.

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