Dorico Doesn't Show a Full Flow Name

Hi, in my project I need specific Flow numeration, like 1, 1a, 2, 3, 3a etc. Thats why I am not going to use an automatic flow numeration. I switched off all flow headings as I do not need them. I would like to start each flow with a Master page, thats why I changed in Engraving mode on my Master page a ProjectTitel token to FlowTitel. A Result:
If my Flow Name is Preludio, Dorico displays Preludio
If my Flow Name is 1 Preludio or 1a Preludio or even 1a. Preludio, it will be displayed correctly as well.
But if I rename my flow to 1. Preludio (1 dott gap Preludio), Dorico displays just Preludio - without 1.
How can I solve it? I am attaching this file without music with 2 test flows (1.1 MB)

Instead of using a space in 1. Preludio, you can use the Unicode no-break space (U+00A0) created in another application and copied into Dorico.

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You can also write the space with the html syntax :


Thank you very much,   between 1. and Preludio work perfectly. Any way Dorico team could consider to correct that. Dorico should understand 1. Preludio as well๐Ÿ˜Š