Dorico e-licensing for multiple computers

Greetings - So, I’ve got Dorico loaded on a single computer and want it on two for a second studio. I know that I can get a dongle to go back and forth with the license but would prefer to stay away from another dongle. Will there be an upcoming addressing this issue? (to be able to have Dorico on 2-3 computers via a soft e-license)



You won’t be able to have it on two computers simultaneously, but there is hope that you might be able transfer from one to another by saving onto a dongle from computer one and transferring the licence from the dongle to computer 2. Please note this is not currently possible.


DG - Are you sure that going back and forth with a dongle will not work at this time? I read a Steinberg promo that stated this was a go at this point - that you could transfer an soft e-license to a dongle and go from one machine to the next. Please verify ASAP as I am about to purchase a dongle for this reason…


Yes, once the licence is on the dongle it can be used on multiple computers with ease (one at a time).

I worry. Dongles have acquired a small army of enemies over the years. I devoutly hope this won’t be a deal breaker for prospective customers of this incipiently fantastic software!


For more information on licensing please re-read the topic Daniel pinned to the top of this forum.

No, what I said, or at least meant, was that once on the dongle the licence can’t be transferred to the computer as a soft eLicense. Once on the dongle, always on the dongle.