Dorico Educational Discount

Good Afternoon Dorico Forums,

This is mostly meant for the staff at Dorico but I was wondering if it would be too out of the blue to not only allow the Dorico Educational Discount for College Students and Teachers but if you could also extend this to High School Students and Teachers? If you’re not okay with that, I completely understand.

Thank you for your time,
Ian Hook

I believe any kind of Student and Teacher at any institution is eligible for the Education discount.


This is unfortunately not the case. When you have to verify your school, only colleges are available.

Hi Ian. Schools including high schools (US) are included in the educational discount. I’ll email you (on the same email as last night) and get more details from you about this.

How about elementary school? My son is 9, and his composition teacher wants him to move from Sibelius to dorico. Eligible for an educational discount?

Welcome to the forum, Joshua. Yes, I believe provided your son is in full-time education, he’ll be eligible for the educational discount.

Daniel, this may be a bit of “if you give a mouse a cookie,” but are homeschool students eligible?

That’s been our method for years, but it’s… uh… increased in popularity recently, for some reason.

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I believe they are, yes, though you may need to provide some proof; I’m not familiar with how registering your children for home-schooling works, but presumably a parent in that situation would have some kind of official documentation from the local or state authorities that could be provided as proof of enrolment.