Dorico Elem 5 Prog Change

I decide to move to Dorico 5 element.
I didn’t find any informations about Prog Changes
Actually when I import my midi file it doesn’t change sounds but still on piano
Does anyone confirms that Dorico 5 elem Prog Change doesn’t work?
Thanks in advance

I confirm that this is not how it works. You don’t need program changes. You give your player as many instruments needed. In Layout options, you can check that Instrument Changes is enabled.
In write mode, you set the display as Galley view (check the bottom right part of the window, there’s a button for page/galley view. And shortcuts (alt-cmd-1/2)
In galley view, you see staves for every instrument held by the player. Fill them with notes as you want. Then watch what happens in page view. Dorico will handle the instrument changes automatically. It’s the same for playback: Dorico will load all the instruments present in the project and will play them whenever necessary.
Hope it helps!


Thank you Marc I will check it