Dorico Element 2.2.10

I’m new to Dorico and I cannot find the Playback Options menu to enable swing. The menu option isn’t available when in Play mode.

What am I missing? The manual suggests that this option should be available.

Many thanks,


Playback Options (Ctrl-Shift-P), Timing.

You can’t edit the swing options in Elements, but you can probably apply the preset options to the score as Tempo markings. See the end of this tutorial video:

I don’t have Elements, but the Steinberg comparison page definitely says the preset swing playback options are included.

Dan, there isn’t a Playback Options dialog in Elements, as bradm’s attachment shows!

Sorry. I could have read the title of the post…

Ah! Thank you so much Dan and Rob, problem solved! This wasn’t clear from the Dorico documentation.