Dorico Elements 3.5 and missing VST plugins

I see several VST plugins in the ‘allowed’ list which I was previously able to use in 3.0 which no longer appear in the pull down list when assigning instruments for playback. Kontakt player is one example.
Does anyone know what might be causing this?

Thank you.

Please do Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

I am interested in this problem. Has it been any resolved?

I am about to pay for an expensive VST which requires the use of the Kontakt player. I am using Dorico Elements 3.5 and am anxious not to hit difficulties.

I expect the manufacturer of the virtual instrument you are considering buying provides a time-limited trial version, so you should try that out if possible.

No but I was able to tryout its intermediary’Kontakt’ loaded with some simple giveaway vst and this gave me confidence. All is progressing nicely but I have much to learn.