Dorico Elements 3.5 Importing MIDI file

I have a MIDI file of a score with four instruments, that I want to import so that they become part of an existing score - additional instruments. So far I’ve only been able to get them to import as an additional score after the end of the existing one. What’s the trick, please?

I’m also finding that I can’t add a solo player to the project, although there are only 9 so far. The new player appears on the Setup page, but there is no staff for the music.

When you import MIDI, there’s a menu at the top of the import dialog called “Destination” – select the flow into which you want to import MIDI from this menu.

New players you add to a project aren’t assigned to flows that you imported. You can add them to the flow later nice and easily though:

Thanks Lillie. Unfortunately, I don’t have that Destination menu.

OK - I guess that’s because the main score was imported.

Trying to transfer the new players over to the original score, but when I deselect them from the newly imported flow, the music gets deleted! Is there no way to transfer them along with their music?

Ah yes, sorry I forgot you’re still using Dorico 3.5. There are more MIDI import options in more recent versions of Dorico. You may have to copy/paste musical material manually.

If you remove a player from a flow (ie untick the flow checkbox), its music gets deleted. At least in Dorico 5, a warning message appears when you do this to check you’re happy before proceeding.

To add a player to a flow it’s not already in, select that player, then tick the empty checkbox of the flow you want to add it to.

(Some of this is hard to explain in the abstract… so as always, if you want specific advice, please share a project file…)

OK, thanks Lillie