Dorico Elements 3.5 - merge two staffs into two voices on one staff

I have two violin parts that I want to merge into a single piano part in the right hand. I understand that I need two voices, and I can see how to enter notes into a new voice, but I can’t seem to paste into it.

Use the reduce function to copy the material from both violin staves, and paste it to one piano staff.

Thanks Lillie. Unfortunately I don’t have the Reduce option in the Past Special context menu - only the options to move or duplicate to the staff above or below. Should this option be available in v3.5?

Can anyone please help with pasting into a second voice?


-copy and paste the first violin voice into the destination staff.
-enable chord input (Q)
-copy and paste the second violin voice into the destination staff, the notes are still selected, then move them to a new voice.

Apologies, I missed the version number – this was added to Elements in Dorico 4, it wasn’t available in Dorico Elements 3.5.

Thanks rafaelv. I managed to do it using a very similar technique.

OK, thanks anyway, Lillie. I’ve managed to do it now, using voices.

On a parallel subject, is there any way to separate two parts from the same staff to two staffs?

On 3.5? Filter each voice, copy and paste. If the two parts are in the same voice (as chords) use Filter top notes or Filter bottom notes.

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Brilliant - many thanks, @Janus!

(For your info, there is a function called “Explode” which does this for you, and is available in Dorico Elements 4)