Dorico Elements 3.5 Page layouts

Is there some way to avoid orphans - ie single or a few systems at the top of the last page, or part systems at the end of the score? I realise that options are limited with Elements.

Yes, you can change the default note spacing and vertical spacing settings for the layout in Elements, which might prompt Dorico to recalculate the casting off and fit your orphan bars/systems onto the previous page.

In Dorico Elements 3.5, there isn’t Engrave mode so you can’t use “Make into frame” to force systems onto the same page. What you can do though is reduce the note spacing and vertical spacing settings to something much smaller, and insert system/frame breaks to push music later (i.e. in Elements 3.5, you can’t squeeze music closer together than the layout’s settings allow, but you can push it further apart).

I’d recommend trying reducing “Default space for crotchet/quarter note” to circa 3 1/2 spaces, down from 4, and all the Minimum Gaps in Layout Options > Vertical Spacing down a space.

Thanks Lillie. Changing the crotchet space did the trick. The minimum gap between staves was already only 1 space! It’s a pity that Dorico doesn’t just have an option to get rid of orphan systems automatically.

There are multiple possible ways of dealing with an orphan system – including either spreading music out further to add more to the last space, or squeezing it tighter to reduce the page count. The most appropriate solution will depend on the project, and will also normally require adjusting some settings.

Because this is all subjective, I’m not sure how appropriate it would be for Dorico to automate this. Much better to become familiar with the engraving tools at your disposal, and apply them according to the situation.

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OK, point taken. I just thought maybe an automatic option could be provided on a take it or leave it basis. Many thanks for your help.