Dorico Elements 3.5 Play not working

Oh dear - I seem to be having so much difficulty with this software. Now I’m finding that although I see the score in the Write mode, all I have in Play mode is an empty Flow 1. The drop down shows the title of the piece in question, but I can’t select it. Hence nothing plays, although the Stop button is illuminated.
pieds en l’aire 3.dorico (621.5 KB)

UPDATE. Now, for no apparent reason, the piece is showing up in Play mode. However, the Playhead is stuck at the very beginning of the score, and doesn’t move.

Sorry to jump in here, but I have exactly the same problem - playhead not moving. tried re-applying the playback template, and sound settings are correct in device manager. Any more suggestions? I should add that all was working perfectly yesterday, and I certainly haven’t changed anything!

Have you tried choosing a different sample rate in Edit > Device Setup, waiting a moment, then re-choosing the originally-chosen sample rate?

I think it’s because you have an empty Flow1 (no instruments assigned) before Flow capriol5b. Delete that (in Setup mode, select it in the bottom panel and click the bin icon) and all will be well.