Dorico elements 3.5 - Rendering legato

I’m working with a MIDI score that (for once) I actually want to sound OK, so it can be used as music-1. Individual notes are all totally separated from each other, but I want a legato sound. Do I have to go in and edit every note to make it slightly longer, or is there a simple fix for this? Adding slurs doesn’t work.

You haven’t said what VST you are using.
Even an excerpt Dorico file would likely be helpful to those who might have suggestions.

Sorry - it’s Halion Sonic SE3

The sounds included with Dorico Elements are more basic than those included with Dorico Pro, so they don’t have specific playing techniques for things like legato. If you’re looking for a good and inexpensive way to upgrade the sounds in Dorico Elements, I would recommend NotePerformer, which you can “rent to own” for something like £10 / €10 / $10 per month for about a year, and then own it outright.

Thanks for the suggestion. Is NotePerformer a separate scoring program then or does it just provide a more sophisticated sound set?

It’s an AI-driven orchestral soundset. NotePerformer 3: Artificial Intelligence-based Playback of Musical Notation