Dorico Elements 3.5 System breaks

I’ve inserted a system break at the start of a Trio in a Minuet and Trio movement, because I want the Trio to start on a new line. However, this doesn’t work and it just runs straight on from the end of the minuet.

Are you in Page view? Sorry, dumb question, since you can only add System breaks in Engrave mode… where you are in page view. Unless something is different in Dorico Elements 3.5 (I’ve always used pro), since I think there was no Engrave mode in Dorico Elements before Dorico 4…

There’s no Engrave mode in Elements 3.5. I was in Write, and used Edit > System Break. The break appears in the score as a purple box. However, in the Print view it hasn’t worked.

You’re going to have to provide more data, else we’ll be guessing all day long.

System break works as expected (on 3.5 Elements) here. More generally, you might consider using a coda for a Trio section as it creates a break irrespective of position.

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OK - it doesn’t work in the sense that the first bar of the Trio follows immediately on from the last bar in the minuet, on the same system, instead of starting a new system, as I expected. If you can tell me what else you need to know, I’ll happily provide it! Interestingly, the system breaks seem to have worked OK in the Print view for the full score - just not in the part score. There are two Trios - is it possible to add two Codas?

Upload the project.

(Yes you can have multiple codas)

System Breaks and Frame Breaks are layout-specific. If you want one in a part layout, you need to add it to the part layout.

Sounds like the Trio should be a new Flow?

A new flow or a coda (without the coda sign) as was suggested before…