Dorico Elements 3.5 tubular bells

Can someone please tell me how to score the bells to be undamped? At present, whatever note length I use, I only get sound for about a crotchet length.

Hi @Ed_Addis
I tried with both HALion Sonic Selection and HSO and the Tubular Bells sound as long as you write it (with a natural decay). Which playback template/library are you using?
Can you share an example that presents the issue? (Dorico File)

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I wasn’t sure whether Ed was using Orchestral Bells (Glockenspiel) or Tubular Bells (Chimes).

It’s the HSSE Elements template.

Not sure how to share the example project?

It’sTubular Bells that I’m using.

When you reply to a post you have icons on to of the text editor. Choose the upload icon (an arrow up) and choose your project on your disc.

One can apply the Keyboard Ped. playing technique to the HALion Tubular Bells. In addition, a whole note holds the note four beats, although it fades as would a real chime.

No, I’ve tried using a whole note, and it lasts just the same as the quarter note. Not sure how to apply a playing technique. Apologies - I don’t have a very wide experience of Dorico features.

bells 1.dorico (584.4 KB)

If you write only quarter notes, you will get only quarter notes.
bells altered.dorico (992.4 KB)

I tried it with a whole note! It still only sounded for a quarter!

I see you’re added the Pedal in this revision. How do I do that?

It’s under Playing Techniques (panel on the right in Write mode) in the Keyboard sub-menu. Choose the note(s)/measures you want the Ped. held and then click the Ped. icon.

And your instrument (in Play) is HALion HSO Tubular Bells?

It’s HALion Sonic SE Tubular Bells - in the HSSE window it says [GM 015]. I can’t get any sound at all out of your revised project. Tried the pedal in mine - no difference, even with a whole note.

Then the likelihood is that the GM sound cannot sustain the way the HSO sounds can. It is the soundset rather than Dorico that is holding you back.

With the right soundset, even Elements or SE should be able to sustain tubular bells.

Hi @Ed_Addis
I tried out and definitely the [GM 015] Tubular Bells has a sustained sound (also without the pedal) that will sound as long as the written note (with natural decay).
Can you check in your Halion if for some reason the Amp Decay is not set at maximum while playing back? (if I set it at 50% it sounds as a quarter note). It should be set to maximum to have the note sounding long.

Hi @Christian_R . Yes, the Amp Decay is set to maximum for the tubular bells, and if I click and hold one of the keyboard keys in the HSSE window, then the bell sounds continuously for 5+ seconds, with natural decay. However, clicking a whole note in the score gives the same short chime as a quarter note.

Does an L.V. tie change anything?