Dorico Elements 3.5

Hi everyone!

Currently I am downloading the Dorico Elements 3.5, however I get to entering the activation code when it says in eLicenser that this has already been downloaded.
I then went into the e-licenser and deactivated every other version and once that didn’t work I deleted everything steinberg and dorico related off my computer and re-downloaded it. I have created multiple new steinberg IDs to see if thats the issue, I have restarted my computer and everything!

Help would be highly appreciated as I have a composition competition coming up!

Just to be sure you know: Dorico 3.5 is a paid upgrade, so it has a new activation code that you receive in your e-mail once your payment goes through.

Welcome to the forum, CALEAMON. Can you attach a screenshot of what you’re seeing in eLicenser Control Center, but being careful to blank out or otherwise obscure the actual serial number of your eLicenser before you do so?

Hello Daniel!
I can’t seem to attach an image, this is what is worded on a notification that comes up after I enter the activation code:

"A license of the same type you are trying to download is stored in the selected eLicenser already. There may not be more than one such license present on any given eLicenser.

Please restart the download process, but choose a different eLicenser to download the license to."

However, after going on the eLicense control I deactivated the previous Dorico Pro, whereas I was trying to have a free trial of Elements this time, therefore it should work.

Your help is much appreciated!

Please try sending me a screenshot by email. You can email me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.