Dorico Elements 3 does not play back


very irritating … I start a new template (Choir).
When I input notes there is no acoustic feedback.
Also it does not play back as a whole.
I go into Play mode.
I choose playback template (it takes a little while to load something).
I choose load sounds for unassigned instruments.
Nothing plays back.
When I open the Halion window, the sounds are present and I can play them on the virtual keyboard.
Still, when I go back to Write mode, no sounds will play back.
I must be doing something wrong essentially.
In Preferences, Play, Audio Devices: Integrated Audio is chosen. And as the Halion window plays back the sounds, I should not be looking here.
Any help very welcome!

What do the Mute settings in your Dorico Mixer say?
(Seems to me something like that happened to me once a long time ago. Not sure what I had pressed.)

Derrek, yes I had also checked the mixer (an area, where I normally don’t go). All the sliders are on middle positions (probably default) and no mute or solo buttons are active.

This is all weird. You do get sound when playing on the virtual keyboard, but not during note input nor playback.
When you hit Play, does the green line advance?
Please start a new project from piano template, add a few arbitrary note and try to playback. Same thing I guess, no sound?
Then do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the zip file here. Thanks

Thank you Ulf,

I start a new piano template and input notes: it does playback fine
I start a new choir plus organ template and input notes: it plays back fine

My procedure was: open a new project, from Setup Mode added Ensemble->Choir (4 part), then added Player->Organ 2 staves. This did not not play back.

Now, when I follow exact the same procedure, I will get playback, also when inputting notes.
Very strange, only my very specific project will not playback by any efforts…
I could just attach it here to see, what might be wrong with it.

[edit] I closed the project, made a copy of it and reopened this one, it plays back fine. If I now open my stuck project, it will playback :slight_smile:
May be I should just have closed the project and reopened it - and everything would have been fine.
Still, how do these hiccups appear?

If this is a project created in an earlier version of Dorico, there was a bug at some point where the mute/solo status got corrupted. You can reset this in the mixer by pressing the M and S buttons on the mixer toolbar.