Dorico Elements 3 - removing bars

Hi there - I am a new user of dorico 3 elements. This may be a stupid question, but I am having trouble deleting a series of emty bars. Or rather, I think it is a series of bars as it appears like a single bar with the number “4” inside it. On the Left Hand Side of the bar is a repeat end bar for the previous bar. On the right hand side, is a new bar with notes etc. I have tried deleting the empty bars using select and delete button and the Trim Bar function, but nothing is working. I am on a Mac. Can anyone help? I have attached a pic. Thanks! Karl

HI cossackiwi and welcome to the forum.

It looks like you’re in a part layout, not the full score layout (you can switch between the two using the pull down menu at the top of your screen). The four empty bars indicate that the instrument (a piano?) isn’t playing during those bars. If that is the only instrument you have in your score, select the bars by

  1. clicking on the 4 bar rest or in the system track above the 4 bar rest
  2. Pressing Shift-B to call up the bar popover
  3. typing -4 and pressing enter (to delete those 4 bars)

    More here …

If that isn’t the only instrument in your score and another instrument is playing during those bars, leave it as it is - it’s correct.

Thanks David. Amazing! It worked! Thanks so much, I’ll keep on trucking…