Dorico Elements 3


I just installed Dorico Elements 3 and can’t get the sound library to be recognized by the Steinberg Library Manager. I downloaded the 3 sound library folders: HALion Resources, HALion Sonic SE Content and Soundiron Olympus Micro. Those folders have the VST files and are on my desktop. So I opened the Library Manager and then clicked on the gear icon and clicked the library default location and pointed it to one of the folders on my desktop with the VST files. Nothing shows up in the Library Manager. I can’t figure out why this is not working. Any help would be appreciated. I’m on a Mac if that helps. Thank you!

How did you retrieve the “3 sound library folders”? The proposed way is to download Dorico and all necessary stuff via the Steinberg Download Assistant. If you do that then you just download one installer for all Dorico Elements Contents files. You run that installer and the installer puts everything into the right place. The Library Manager you normally only need to use when you want to move the sound files into a different, non-default location.

Hi Ulf,

I believe I did use the Steinberg Download Assistant. For some reason the sound library folders downloaded separately. I did figure out how to put those files into the “library/Audio/Plug ins” folder and now the Steinberg Library Assistant app sees the HalLion Sonic SE and other files. But when I open Dorico Elements, it does not see the sound library files. When I open Dorico this is the message I get:

An essential component used by Dorico for playback has not been found.

Please run the Steinberg Download Assistant and install the package:

Sounds for Dorico Elements 3.

So even though Steinberg Library Manager sees the HalLion files, Dorico is not seeing them. Should I uninstall Dorico and reinstall it? Any other ideas?

Try following: Stop Dorico and delete the folder /Users//Library/Preferences/VSTAudioEngine3.
If you have a vst2whitelist in there, make a backup copy of it first.
On next startup, Dorico will recreate that folder and fill up with data. Also, a rescan of all sound libraries will take place.
Let’s hope that it picks up everything correctly then.

I deleted that folder and a new VSTAudioEngine3 folder was created but the sound files were not in there. I then put the sound file folders into that folder: HALion Sonic SE Content, etc, but Dorico still does not see them and the Steinberg LIbrary Manager does not see them either. any other ideas?

The folder, that I told you to delete, does not contain the contents files, but it contains a database file where all the contents files are registered, that have been found during scanning. Deleting that database just enforces a rescanning.

So you have moved all the sound contents into that VSTAudioEngine folder right? Move it back to where it came from. Does the Library Manager then “see” it again?

What if you run the installer for the sound contents again?

I can’t find the installer. Do you mind providing a link to it. I’m using the 30 day free trial of Dorico Elements

I found the installer. I see what happened. I installed the “additional sound files” not the main ones. Dorico is now seeing the files! One more question. I started a project and I am getting this error message when I open it:

This project references a Playback Template playbacktemplate.hsse that is not installed on this system

Do you know why the playback template is not being seen?

Try running also the Dorico main installer once more.

You should be able to rid yourself of that other warning by going to Play > Playback Template and choosing the ‘HSSE (Elements)’ playback template, then clicking Apply and Close.