Dorico Elements 4.3 issues concerning Generate Notes from Chord Symbols


I have just upgraded Dorico elements to 4.3, however, I am having problems with the chord symbols and chord diagrams feature in Dorico elements. I can’t use the new feature to generate notes from chords and I can’t generate chords from notes either (which I could before upgrading).

In other words, the chord symbols and chord diagrams feature is missing.

Mine too, what’s the problem

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The new Generate Notes from Chord Symbols feature is only included in Dorico Pro, I’m afraid. It looks as if the menu item incorrectly appears in Elements, which is a mistake, and I apologise for it.

However, the feature to Generate Chord Symbols from Notes should work just as before. If you select some music, then hit J to open the jump bar and type “generate chord”, do you see Generate Notes From Chord Symbols in Selection show up? If so, select it, hit Return and the expected dialog should open.

The “generate chord” option does not appear in the jump bar, nor when right-clicking on the score.

Yes, you’re right: there’s a problem with the configuration management for Elements here. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll figure out what we’re going to do about this shortly and I’ll report back.

Following up for iPad as that thread was closed. That is a huge disappointment. I bought the lifetime version due to this feature. Sure, I will get it some point, I guess when PC market can’t be milked anymore.

Please consider extra PRO subscription / lifetime offer for iPad. It makes no sense to cripple it like this. Specially as the feature is great for fiddling and sketching, which really fits the mobile use case. The code is there for sure, just the menu is disabled.

I understand your disappointment, and I take it on board. If you want to request a refund for your Lifetime Unlock in-app purchase, you can contact Apple: provided you do it in reasonable time after you made the purchase (days rather than weeks) they are generally quite accommodating. Of course I hope that you will find lots of other benefits in Dorico for iPad, but if you really did buy the IAP for this single feature, I’m sure Apple will provide you with a refund.

Eh, it’s too good value to not buy it. Lifetime is a long time and I will get lots of feature going forward.

But it’s just sad… for me it means I won’t use Dorico for this. Long story but in fact I have implemented a tool which generates music xml out of chords, so I guess I’ll focus on that :man_shrugging:

You write "The new Generate Notes from Chord Symbols feature is only included in Dorico Pro?? In the advertising for the upgrade of Elements to 4.3 this feature is one of the big news? So I have to upgrade to Pro or is there any chance that it just a “bug”? In the Steinberg Hub there are videos showing how to do this in Dorico elements 4.3 and in the tutorial videos included with Elements. Must say tha I´m very disappointed of this upgrade when this feature don´t work!

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Welcome to the forum, Anders. I’m sorry that this is disappointing to you, but the Generate Notes From Chord Symbols feature is indeed in Dorico Pro only. We are not really advertising specifically Pro, Elements or SE when we promote the Dorico 4.3 update but rather the overall updates to the product family, but I agree that we should have been clearer that this specific feature is only in Dorico Pro. I’m very sorry for the disappointment caused.

Hi Daniel,
I am using Elements as well and when I select some music and J, after typing “generate” no command shows up. So this features seems to be lost in V. 4.3.
If I select notes and right-click, I see an option “chord symbols and diagrams” with sub-menues
“Generate notes from chords in selection” and “paste chord symbols as notes”, but neither seem to work.

Yes, please refer to the post in this thread marked as the solution for more information.

Hello Daniel,

Is there any news regarding the missing “Generate chord symbols from notes” option in Elements?

While this is being worked on, is there any way to return to Dorico 4.2 in the meantime? I use this tool quite a lot :frowning:

We will issue a small maintenance update that will fix this problem in due course. I will find the download link for the Dorico 4.2 installer and post it here once I have it.

In fact, they’re right here, at the bottom of the page:

Thank you!