Dorico Elements 4 activation issues, continues to open SE version

This is my first steinburg purchase and I am incredibly confused by the process. I seem to have followed all the steps but am having no luck. I had been experimenting with dorico SE which was easy enough to download and use. I really liked it so bought elements 4. I received my download access code and inputted it into the download assistance and my license appeared and I downloaded dorico 4. However there is no new icon for dorico elements it still uses the same one. However when I open it, it still opens dorico SE not elements… I have been trying for the past two days to resolve this with no luck. When I open dorico I go to the register tab which directs me to chrome and I log in and can see I have the dorico license but it says not conencted with any PCs. How do I connect my dorico steinburg license with the downloaded software???

Can you try the following (if you haven’t already):

  • quit Dorico
  • open Steinberg Activation Manager
  • deactivate Dorico SE in the list of products
  • Sign Out of Steinberg Activation Manager
  • quit Steinberg Activation Manager
  • wait 10 seconds (for background processes to quit)
  • restart Steinberg Activation Manager
  • Sign In again
  • activate Dorico Elements in the list of products