[Dorico Elements 4] Continue bar numbering over flows

Hello there,
I am taking over an existing piece of music to rearrange the percussion parts. It’s actually the main reason why I bought Dorico.
Now I am having an issue with multiple flows (the piece consists of 10 separate ‘songs’/movements). Most times the bar numbering in the original sheet restarts at the beginning of every new song/flow. But there is a single exception where the bar numbering needs to continue from flow 4 into flow 5.
I found info about bar number change for Dorico PRO. But is there any alternative way that I could use in Elements to achieve this goal?

OK, I just noticed that both flows with continuous bar numbers also have the same “Flow number” in the original sheet. So it means I probably better keep it in one flow in Dorico.
How can I visually create a similar presentation in the layouts with the same title?

In Dorico Elements you’re a bit limited, because you don’t have access to the full page layout features. What are you trying to achieve in your layouts?