[Dorico Elements 4] Continue bar numbering over flows

Hello there,
I am taking over an existing piece of music to rearrange the percussion parts. It’s actually the main reason why I bought Dorico.
Now I am having an issue with multiple flows (the piece consists of 10 separate ‘songs’/movements). Most times the bar numbering in the original sheet restarts at the beginning of every new song/flow. But there is a single exception where the bar numbering needs to continue from flow 4 into flow 5.
I found info about bar number change for Dorico PRO. But is there any alternative way that I could use in Elements to achieve this goal?

OK, I just noticed that both flows with continuous bar numbers also have the same “Flow number” in the original sheet. So it means I probably better keep it in one flow in Dorico.
How can I visually create a similar presentation in the layouts with the same title?

In Dorico Elements you’re a bit limited, because you don’t have access to the full page layout features. What are you trying to achieve in your layouts?

Sorry for the late reply. Thank you Daniel for checking in!
I solved it now by simply leaving both “movements” in a single flow but create a system break.
Then add a system text with text style set to “Flow title” and move it around a bit in Engrave mode:

Main disadvantage of this method is that I have to do it for each layout.

You’ll probably also want to put a bar number change to 1 at what is now bar 41.

I think you misunderstood the question. The continuation of the bar numbers is the exact reason why I had issues with separate flows. I’m an Elements user so I don’t have access to the bar number change functionality.

Sorry for not reading carefully!

In Dorico Elements 5 is now possible to insert a bar number change.

Edit. I don’t see that documented anywhere but I tried it and it worked (and I’m sure I ran Dorico as Elements by holding the “alt” key while starting the program).


No problem, it can happen :slight_smile:

This is good news! It might be a reason for me to upgrade.
Anyway, since the “flow” number is also the same for both movements it was better to keep it in a single flow. So it means I don’t need the bar number change for this project.