Dorico Elements 4: Deleting empty page + adding a text frame?

A newbie here. I’m struggling with two different things here. Before I continue banging my head to the wall, can somebody tell me if these are possible to do in Dorico Elements at all?

  1. Deleting an empty page. I condensed two systems into one in Engrave mode and was left with all music on one page and an unnecessary second page. How to get rid of it?

  2. Is there any way to add a text frame between two systems, or before the first system or after the last one? Like, space for written instructions, block lyrics, etc? Please do not tell me I need Dorico Pro just for this feature when the stuff I write is otherwise so simple. :frowning:

Welcome to the forum, @KaisaN.

If you’ve ended up with an empty page, it will be because your layout has ended up overridden, perhaps because you’ve deleted a text frame. Unfortunately it’s not easily possible to reset page overrides in Dorico Elements, which is definitely a problem that we need to find a solution for.

You should find that if you add some text using Shift+X above the top staff in the system, Dorico will make some additional room when it automatically adjusts the staff spacing. Unfortunately it is the case that creating your own text frames is not possible in Elements.

Well, in fact, I already upgraded to Dorico Pro. So, how to delete the empty page?

Does this work?