Dorico Elements 4 no audio - new macbook pro


I moved over to a new macbook pro and transferred my Dorico 4 license. Everything seems to be working fine but I have no audio. I have watched the audio trouble shooting video on YouTube but this hasn’t resolved the issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here is a diagnostic report:
Dorico (589.1 KB)

Have you got an audio interface connected or are you using the MacBook’s audio output?

Welcome to the forum, @Dawnloco. From a quick look at your logs, everything looks OK to me. If you start a new project with just a couple of instruments, does it play back? What playback template are you using?

I also can’t see anything wrong in your diagnostics report. But how about other applications (e.g. iTunes, etc.) do they produce sound? Is maybe your built-in speaker muted from the OS side?

I had previously been trying to get playback from a project that had been started in Dorico 3.5. Now that I started a new empty project the audio has come back. Thanks for your help and responses