Dorico Elements 5 - how to delete pages

I have read multiple forum posts and links and cannot figure out how to delete a blank page in Dorico Elements 5. Does anyone know how to do it?

Normally, Dorico creates and removes pages as they are needed to display the music. The only time that pages ‘stay’, regardless of the music, is if you have edited the page itself – e.g. the text and music frames on it; or made another manual change to the page.

These changes are called ‘overrides’, and (as Daniel has clarified below): use Engrave menu > Remove Page Overrides to remove them.

I’m not sure exactly what functionality Elements has, but I presume that if you can make changes, you should be able to undo them.

There’s no Pages panel in Dorico Elements, but there is a menu item in the Engrave menu to Remove All Page Overrides.


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If the reason you edited pages directly was to add e.g. the flow title at the top of page 2 onwards, you can instead save yourself loads of time and effort by adding titles, composer names, librettist names etc in the Project Info dialog. Dorico then uses tokens to display the corresponding information on pages automatically.

By selecting “Remove All Page Overrides” the blank page was automatically deleted. Thank you for this suggestion.

As a note, there is no “triangle” or way that I could figure out how to select a particular page. Maybe this can be clarified in the Dorico support manual.

Yes, sorry – that’s only available in Dorico Pro.

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