Dorico Elements 5: "Invisible Clef"

Dear Dorico Community

I’m trying to “hide” the initial clef in a system (for a worksheet, as very nicely described by John Barron [1]), in Dorico Elements 5. I’m aware that hiding clefs seems to be an option only available in Pro. However, the manual for Elements 5 also says that:

“If you do not want to show any clef in any layout, you must input an invisible clef” [2].

However, I don’t seem to find the option to input an invisible clef, nor any mention of how to do so in the manual for Elements. The clef panel doesn’t have the section “uncommon clefs” where the invisible clef is located in Pro.

How is this possible in Elements?

Thanks you and all the best

[2] Clefs

I believe that is an erratum in the Elements Manual. @Lillie_Harris can you look into this?

hypercube, please try the Clef Popover:

Open the Clef Popover by typing Shift-C, then type invisible and confirm with Enter.

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Thank you both for taking the time to help! This community is really amazing :four_leaf_clover:

Thank you @k_b, I also tried the popover (as per documentation and the video tutorial), however, this does not work in Dorico Elements (nothing happens), likely because hiding clefs is not supported (and possibly placing “invisible clefs” as the Dorico Elements manual is referring to is then also not supported?)

@Lillie_Harris Is there a way to create a “worksheet” in Dorico Elements, i.e. just systems without clefs (this is the only thing I’m struggling with, I was able to remove barlines etc. as per the great video tutorial)

All the best

Thanks for flagging this, I’ll get that corrected asap.

@hypercube you can hide subsequent clefs, but I think hiding the first clef at the beginning of the flow isn’t possible in Elements, I’m afraid.


hypercube, this is a template you can probably use:
I added an invisible clef at the beginning and at the second bar.
Dorico Template with invisble clef.dorico (534.1 KB)


Thank you @Lillie_Harris for your feedback! @dspreadbury Could this be a little feature request for us Dorico Elements users? :slight_smile:

Wishing you a happy and successful 2024!

Cool, thank you so much, very helpful!

I hope this will also be useful to other Elements users that are trying to make exercise worksheets :slight_smile:

All the best