Dorico Elements 5 no option for chord variants

I’m havong problems in finding the option to use the chord variants. Eg if I want say F to be played on fret 5 with D shape etc. Can anyone help or is it a bug?

You should be able to type Shift+Alt+Q to open the dialog where the different chord shapes appear.

Tried but nothing happens. Tried again in Engrave mode and again nothing. Looked in key commands - selection and navigation but again nothing refers to chord variants. Worked OK in SE version but just can’t find any reference??

Another way to check is to pick a random function to assign a key command to and enter Shift+Alt/Opt+Q. A prompt should appear that tells you if it is in use, and what it is used for. If this dialog doesn’t appear then something has gone wrong with your key commands.

Hi Daniel I did tried that in preference key commands but nothing comes up. Could it b due to the recent update?

I just opened Pro and the key command and function worked fine. I then opened Elements and it did not. Same with SE.

Yes, perhaps something has happened in the update. Then manual indicates that it should be possible to do.

Hi Daniel O have tried right click on chord and it gives option to copy shape… or clear chord… but still nothing for variants. Also went into key commands and tried the key command and it says at bottom "key sequence assigned.,… EventEdit.ShowAllChordDiagramVariantsForPlayer. So it is there somewhere! Any suggestions?

Just an after thought but it is same situation on both my desktop and laptop computers following the latest update.

Thanks for reporting this problem. This is indeed an oversight, and we’ll correct this in the next update. Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime.

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Thanks Daniel absolutely no problem. Plenty more for me to learn in meantime lol.

Keep up the great work my friend!

Regards Pete