Dorico Elements 5: Will not assign playback template sounds automatically

Good evening, I am trying to get Dorico Elements 5 to playback notes, but it seems that every time I open a new score, I have to assign the sounds to each of the instruments before I can hear any notes at all (scrub playback, hearing while editing notes, etc.) . I’ve tried applying the playback template to see if it did anything, but I had no luck. The audio works fine, and there are no problems after that.
But I would imagine that having to assign a sound every time to your own instruments in every new score would be a very tedious task. Is there anything I could do about this? Is this supposed to happen?
I am running the Dorico Elements 5 software on the recent Sonoma OS update of the MacBook. I’ll soon drop the files here in the post.

This is the diagnostic file for the “Clocks” example score. This happens for pretty much all the files, including the example files. Oddly, this problem is not seen in the tutorial scores in the “Learn” section.
Dorico (648.2 KB)

Welcome to the forum, @ganonphantasm. Please try following the steps here:

Many thanks! I really appreciate the help!