Dorico Elements and Dorico Pro Trial on same computer?

I have a Dorico Pro 2 soft-elicence on my desktop computer.
I have a Dorico Elements 2 soft-elicence on my laptop computer.
I am working on a bigger score (more than 12 players) and would like to work on it next month on my laptop computer.
My idea is to use a Dorico Pro 2 Trial on the laptop so I can work on the bigger score for a while.
I downloaded Dorico Pro 2 and installed onto my laptop.
Strangely enough when I click onto the application ‘Dorico 2’ the Elements version opens straight away (probaly because I have the elicence for it on that laptop).
Is there a way to run a trial Pro version next to it?
Thank you for help.

No, Dorico Pro and Dorico Elements are the same application, and I believe you will find that a permanent license trumps a time-limited license, so you can’t run a Dorico Pro trial on a computer with a permanent Dorico Elements license.

Thank you Daniel,

I have now added the trial activation code into the eLicenser Control Center and - voila - Dorico starts in Pro mode :slight_smile: