Dorico Elements crashing on save


A long time user of Cubase Elements (currently 9.5) and decided to try Dorico. Installed the 30 day trial of Elements.
Whenever I attempt to save, the application offers the normal Save dialog with a suggested filename but doesn’t accept keyboard input and then the application crashes after a few seconds.

OS is Windows 10 v1803.

Is this the intended behaviour of the trial version?


It’s certainly not the intended behaviour of the trial version! I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused. Could you please follow the steps under “Dorico is crashing, what do I do?” [url= the FAQ thread[/url] and email me the crash dumps produced when it crashes to d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de, so we can take a look? I wonder if you have some software that is hooking into the Save dialog or to file operations in general (anti-virus, backup, anti-malware, etc.) that Dorico is bumping up against, and the crash logs should hopefully tell us.

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the reply.

Yes, it does appear to be file operations in general as it affects the File Open common dialog as well. I had a look in the “application.logxx” files and the last entry in each case was : “Executing command: File.Open” or “…File.SaveAs”.

Unfortunately, Cubase started misbehaving immediately after I installed Dorico. I had been using it shortly before the installation of Dorico and it was working correctly. After Dorico was installed, the Yamaha ASIO driver disappeared from Cubase and it reported “Missing Ports”. Reinstalling the driver fixed the issue until I ran Dorico again and Cubase again became corrupted.

Apart from the file dialog issues, Dorico seemed to be working correctly and “Play” was talking to my UR22.

Ultimately, I became nervous and uninstalled Dorico and repaired Cubase again. It appears to be OK at the moment.

I’m a little reluctant to reinstall it given the behaviour I’ve experienced. I do have a laptop running the same version of Windows that I’d be happy to “sacrifice” as a comparison. If I remove the trial licence from my soft eLicenser, will I be able to install the trial on the laptop using the same Activation code?

Should it work correctly on the laptop, then, I can make sure that Cubase is really working correctly (ie reinstalling the Yamaha driver is all that is required to repair it). Then I’d be prepared to reinstall Dorico on my desktop and carry out the diagnostics you have requested.

I’ll need your advice on moving the trial licence between machines if that is possible.

Thanks again for your help.

Every time in the past when users have had problems with open and save dialogs, the culprit has been a third party component. Every time an application shows a file dialog, these components are allowed to run (eg for providing thumbnail views of file types, compression services, encryption, etc). However those components run as part of the Dorico process. If one of them goes wrong then it can crash the host application. If you can attach a crash dump here then we can try to help you out.

Trial licenses can’t be moved, I’m afraid, once activated, except to a USB-eLicenser. But as Paul says we would be interested to find out what is causing the crash, if you’re willing to reinstall and try running it again on the same computer. If you contact me directly I can send you a replacement trial activation code for your other computer if need be.