Dorico Elements for brass band


I wondered if someone could clarify what the limitations of Dorico Elements are over the Pro version in terms of players/instruments.

I’ve seen the maximum allowed as 12 players but in other places as 12 instruments.

I’m primarily wanting to work on some pieces for brass band so while there are more than 12 individual players there are less than 12 distinct instruments.

However, would different parts for the same instrument count separately? Eg. would solo, repiano, 2nd & 3rd cornets be counted as 1 instrument (all Bb cornets) or as 4?

I’ve downloaded the trial version to try this out but the trial key seems to give me Dorico Pro for the duration of the trial so I can’t tell.

Does anyone know if it’d be possible to create a brass band score in Dorico Elements?


Welcome to the forum, WoodenHedgehog. I’m afraid you would not be able to create a brass band score in Dorico Elements. The limit is on the number of players, rather than the number of unique types of instruments held by those players. By my reckoning you need at least 18 players for a brass band, so that puts it firmly in the domain of Dorico Pro rather than Dorico Elements.

Hello WoodenHedgehog,

I just for a try fired up my Dorico Elements version…
Yes, once you have added a cornet player, you can add more cornets to that player.
All in all this way you can not exceed 12 players, but you can give each player more than one instrument.
This means your score can show more than 12 Staves, depending on the number of instruments (I tried just now and my test score shows 16 random instruments).
One thing you have to bear in mind though:
You will not be able to give each instrument a separate Part layout.
You would have a part layout with all 4 cornets - as a “player score”

You can assign multiple instruments to the same player and show them all at once (if you disable instrument changes in Layout Options) but you will run into problems when you try to produce parts, which I assume defeats the purpose.