Dorico Elements (improvements)

I have been using Dorico Elements 4 for a year or so and have digitised almost 70 old paper copy clarinet parts from our concert band. I did have a lot of help along the way from one certain individual (you know who you are) and from questions posed on the forum.

I wanted to say that Elements would be greatly improved by two simple routines…

  1. Ability to hide cautionary accidentals in the key change
  2. Ability to hide the single bar rest number (1) when using multi-rests.

I am the envy of my fellow band members who are squinting at old paper parts and l look forward to converting all to pdf and using with ForScore on my Ipad.

Well done Dorico 4 Elements!

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Thanks for your feedback, Tony. At the moment, engraving options are pretty much “all or nothing”, i.e. Pro has all, and Elements has nothing. But we would like in future to provide some of the simpler engraving options in Dorico Elements – I can’t promise when this will be, however.