Dorico Elements Missing Sound Files

Using Dorico Elements 3 (photo 1) as a Music Teacher. Sound playback issues. I have watched the 17 mins Youtube video on this and come to the following conclusion. I have missing instrument sounds however I don’t know what I should have or what isn’t working.

Under the E list- all instruments under those categories play: piano, hi-hat and snare. All other instruments don’t play.

Using the Steinberg Download Assistant, I thought I had all the downloaded VST files for instruments. What am I missing? How can I find out what is needed to my Dorico software?

Thank you in advance for help.

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Hi Colette and welcome to the forum.
If you’re French speaking and have FB, you’re welcome to ask your questions in the Groupe des utilisateurs francophones de Dorico, I’ll be glad to accept you and help you there in French.
I am wondering about how you’ve set your sounds in Play mode. Have you only used the HSSE playback template, or have you been trying to tweak settings manually?

Hi Marc,
Thank you for your reply and kind invite. Originally from the Channel Islands, UK so not quite french :slight_smile: Love the french culture and language.

I didn´t know that you had playback templates or could custom settings manually. Very much a beginner at Dorico. Do you know where I can find out what files are needed for Dorico Elements 3?

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Via the Steinberg Download Assistant you need to download the “Dorico Elements 3 Sounds Installer” (around 3GB) and run the installer, that shall put everything needed into place.
When starting a new project Dorico will already use the default playback template and pick from the installed default sounds.
If you have messed around by manually assigning sounds and you want to go back to the default, you simply go to Play Mode and from the menu choose Play > Playback Template.

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Hi Ulf,

Thanks for the info. Dorico Elements 3 Sounds Installer are reloaded and complete. The issue was in Play - Playback Template and the sounds not set to SE.

This seems to solve it. Thanks so much.

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