Dorico Elements MusicXML import

When trying to import a MusicXML file into Dorico Elements (2.2.20) it fails after 47 measures.
Does anyone have a workaround or a fix for this?


Tracy Ross


If it’s a file you can post publicly, feel free to upload the file here, and I’m sure another user would be glad to give it a try.

Unfortunately many programs create MusicXML that is invalid in one way or another, and Dorico is not very forgiving about handling the errors.

As Dan said you need to post the MusicXML file here (wrap it up in a ZIP file) so somebody can look at it.

Alternatively, try downloading MuseScore (which is free) and import the MusicXML into that. MuseScore is pretty good at reporting any errors in the file and working round them if possible, not just stopping dead. If MuseScore succeeds in reading the file, then export it again as MusicXML and you will probably have more success reading that into Dorico.

With problem MusicXML files, Dorico gives the line numbers of the problem lines. If you are comfortable with editing an XML file, you can probably fix it enough for Dorico to read it.

I had one file with -1 that I fixed by changing -1 to 0. Another line had a control character that I just deleted.