Dorico ELEMENTS + noteperformer

Not having the playback option with ELEMENTS makes Noteperformer playback percussion tremolos (Eg. snare) playback far too slowly. Such that a Zstem/ buzzroll sounds like 16th note triplets. This is very frustrating. Paying $1230 AUD to get the playback options feature isn’t viable or reasonable. Arne from noteperformer told me that the way to fix this is to increase the tremolo speed in playback options which I do not have. Surely this has got to be a bug. There is no reasonable explanation for default tremolo playback to sound the same for three-stroke, four-stroke, and buzz roll z stem trem playback on percussion.
I don’t want to come off as mad. Surely these 3 settings ought to be set at different playback speeds by default, right?


This is peripheral to your question, Carl, but… $1200 AUD? Retail for Dorico Pro 2 is $560 US, which is a good bit cheaper than that.

$1,230 is way over the top. You can get it without the cross grade for $799.

In Pro, all these are played as unmeasured tremolos by default, but there is a playback option to change the minimum number of strokes for an unmeasured tremolo. Like the playback speed for unmeasured tremolos, you can’t change that in Elements.

For some reason I thought it was 900 EUD on the Steinberg website. 750 EUD was 900 - 150 for elements. 750 EUD is 1200 AUD.
My mistake!

Thanks Rob. I still don’t see how it is reasonable to have a buzz roll z stem sounding like 16th triplets. I haven’t tried but I could probably get a better effect by writing 32nd notes. Or 32nd triplets, 64th, or 64th triplets. However it should not be necessary.

When you buy elements there isn’t written anywhere that 3 stroke, 4 stroke, and z stem don’t playback properly. The only hint is that it states there is no playback options available.

IIRC the “z” buzz roll does not yet play back properly in any version of Dorico. The quadruple slash is far more reliable.

If the comparison chart listed every little thing you can’t do in Elements compared with Pro, the chart would be so long that nobody would read it. At a rough count, there are about 70 things in Pro Playback Options that you can’t adjust in Elements, not just tremolo playback.