Dorico Elgato Stream Deck Profile for Windows

Hello everybody, I finally finished making a Stream Deck profile for Dorico and I wanted to share it with the community! It took me about three weeks and lot’s thinking, sorting, creating icons, etc. and I think I’ve managed to squeeze almost everything in!
Dorico Elgato Stream Deck Profile.JPG
A few things to consider:
1.- I made this mostly for inputting music, therefore you’ll find none of the layouts, setup or playback shortcuts (since it’s faster with a normal keyboard).
2.- It’s conceived to be used on top of a MIDI keyboard so you won’t find any pitch/notes input.
3.- I tried my best to put everything in a logical place and grouped together so rhythmic things are in one window, dynamics in another, etc.
4.- Also tried my best to keep names, nomenclatures and visuals as close to Dorico’s own as possible.
5.- It’s configured to be used with Dorico’s default keybindings and a UK English layout, although there shouldn’t be that many conflicts with other languages. In any case you can always just change the assignment using Elgato’s profile editor.

I am more than happy to entertain improvements and suggetions. Also, if you feel inclined to thank me for the effort you can also purchase it here: (hope it’s OK to put this here since I am also offering it for free… :question: ). I’ll keep the paid version updated with every new release, at the moment they’re both identical.

Here’s the free version:

Be well and enjoy!

Funny how these things come along like buses - I’m about to PM you!

Leo, I hear there’s another one coming soon… :wink:

Replied… :smiley:

I saw the Sibelius one a few weeks ago, but there was no free version… :frowning: so I thought I’d give people the option, we’ll see how it goes :wink:

Emailed :slight_smile:

Just a public thank you to those that have bought the paid version! Any suggestions and improvements are most welcome!

Small update to Grace notes, now input has been changed to Input Grace note and Toggle acciaccatura/appoggiatura.

Just to let the non-paying users that I have a new profile for the XL version. As previously, I’m releasing it for free! But if you’d like to contribute to future updates, you can also buy it here:

The free version is here:

This works with the default key-commands, so no extra installations are needed. The XL version is a little bit more colour coded than the previous one, although I might update the other one soon… And perhaps add some custom key-commands.