Dorico Elicense Number not being accepted

Dear Anyone.
Just got the free version of Dorico to try it out. Got a license number in the E_mail, but Elicense won’t accept it…
Elicenser control error
Anyone got any ideas?

By the way = I SOMEHOW might have renamed an old E_mail of mine with the same title as this one -I don’t know how I managed that piece of genius! If anyone reads an old E_mail of mine with the same heading, I’m NOT trying to bump it or anything, it was an accident, I’ve no real idea how I managed that one, can only apologise and say ‘ignore it!’

I’d love to know how to make E_licenser accept the Dorico (Keep on wanting to call it ‘Dorito’ but that’s crisps, isn’t it!) code number so I can try it out. Once it’s accepted the code number, am I allowed to download the instruments that go with it?

Yours hopefully


Hi Chris,

Sorry to hear about your eLicenser problems. Could you closing Dorico, then checking whether the “Protected Object Server” is running in Task Manager. If it is, kill the process. Once the process has gone, try right clicking on the “eLicenser Control Center” entry in the start menu and choose “Run as Administrator”.

Hopefully this will fix any permissions issues that might be causing the problem.

Dear Ben

It said I could reply to this E_mail to reply to you.

Couldn’t see anything saying ‘Protected Object Server’. Tried restarting the e-Licenser and the second time around I got this…

Second E Licenser error.jpg

‘Unknown Application’ isn’t exactly helpful, I’m hoping you might know what it is and yup - I did restart the PC! Third try I got this…

Third Elicenser Error.jpg

but I HAD, I entered 0240 7CZI PHNB BIWL LEMX PD00 1D7A 8F65 which was the number I got sent after downloading Dorico. Tried it again and that’s when it came up ‘No license was found’.

It’s a shame because Dorico ACTUALLY looks like a decently designed notation system (Keep wanting to call it ‘Dorito’, but that’s crisps!) If it ever works, is it JUST a notation front-end for Halion or can you use other VSTs with it as well?

I’ll try with the code number again and tell you if it works 4th time around - it’s not worked the first 3 and I’m hand typing it accurately, to make sure I’ve not picked up any extraneous hidden characters or spaces with copy/paste (as can happen!)

Yours respectfully


It looks like you’re getting close now. Again, apologies for the eLicenser shenanigans - we’re actively working on a replacement that should address a lot of these issues.

Cut and paste should work OK - give it a go.

Dear Ben.

Yup - it’s the Customer from Hell again!!

I don’t have a supersized screen so you’ll have to take for granted what’s missing on the right-hand side cos I couldn’t get it all on at once. But have a look at this when you have time and tell me what’s happening…

You were right about Dorico, it came up when I re-re-re-restarted(!) the PC. So I got one of its files and tried to play it back - no sound. I thought the output wasn’t finding the High Definition Audio Codec - still not sure about that - but there were lights flashing away in the OUTPUT channel so the jury’s out on that one - I can’t find anything marked PREFERENCES to check up on outputs, where are they?

That’s one question. Here’s the second.

Brought up Halion because it came up with a list of samples/instruments that were missing. And it said Halion wasn’t licensed. So I brought up the E_Licenser and as far as I can see, it’s saying Halion IS licensed. So what do I do to make Dorico pick up on Halion’s license?

That’s what I’m trying to show with this picture, but I dunno what to do next. Any ideas? Here’s the pic…

If you look down the right-hand side - sorry I couldn’t get everything on the screen at once - you’ll see it’s saying Halion Sonic SE3 IS licensed. So Dorico’s not picking up on the license, am I right? And that’s why there’s no instruments being found?

You’re right, I don’t know what I’m talking about. That’s your job!

Over to you, Ben.

Yours respectfully


Second E Licenser error.jpg

Third Elicenser Error.jpg

HALion Sonic and HALion Sonic SE are two different applications. In Dorico, you don’t need to manually set up the VST instruments for playback yourself, you can simply add instruments in Setup mode and Dorico will load appropriate sounds for you automatically.