Dorico eLicenser problem

I get “eLicenser control error” nearly every time I try to log into Dorico. I use Dorico 3.0.1 but I´ve had this reoccuring problem a long time.
I´ve updated both the eLicenser and Dorico but to no avail. This means I have to update eLicenser almost daily.
I´ve changed USB but it the problem comes back. What shall I do. Frans Mossberg Macbookpro i7, 16GB, 1 TB.

Everything else works on the eLicenser… Frans Mossberg

I’m very sorry you’re having this problem, franzmo. Do you have one of the newer, shorter, stubbier USB-eLicensers or one of the longer, older design? You may well find that using a new, shorter USB-eLicenser will work more reliably if you transfer your licenses to that.

I am not sure I could tell the difference between the two, it´s made of blue half transperent plastic and with a red led inside that lights up when active, “steinberg” carved into the plastic, 5 cm long inclusive of USB plug. / yours Franzmo

It sounds like yours is the one on the left. Daniel is suggesting you replace with the one on the right.

Ok, thanks for the advice! /Franzmo