Dorico equivalent to "align staves" (aligning staves on facing pages)

I was wondering if there was a Dorico equivalent to aligning staves on facing pages so that they line up visually when the pages are open? It appears when you have the same number of systems, Dorico does it, so is the solution to make the same number of systems on facing pages?

There’s no additional functionality beyond that at present.

Something I would like, which has come up before, is the ability to make the final partial page staff spacing equal to the staff spacing on the second to the last page.

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And I agree with the OP: I’d love it if the spacing could mirror on facing pages. That way, if the number of lyrics vary, for instance, the musical spacing would not for the sake of symmetry (which is almost always preferred in any professional editions I’ve seen). Or, piano music could surely benefit. If one passage on the left needs extra room for ledger lines for a cadenza, the right side should shift to match just for that particular spread.

Does Copy Staff Spacing not basically do this, albeit not in a totally automated way?

Yes Leo, it does exactly that :wink:

If I remember correctly. The Copy Staff spacing feature only aligns the staves if there are exactly the same number of staves on the destination page. If there are 10 on one and 9 on the other there could be a slight discrepancy due to vertical justification settings. Saying that, the propagate properties and copy staff spacing are great features and get you a long way there but identical layout would be handy.

That’s correct, this is why it’s not pertinent in my use case. I often get stuff like this, which I’d like Dorico to space out for me (geez, aren’t we spoiled…):

My preferred method is typically to drag up the music frame until it vertically justifies to match the previous (thanks, Rob Tuley).

Of course, but that’s the whole point! It would be awesome if each spread set could be matched automatically, and dynamically, based on what is on each spread. It could save a lot of manual tweaking.


Now that I really understand what you mean, I agree it would be useful!